• Beijing Institute of Electro-machining
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    Beijing Institute of Electro-machining lies in the famous Zhongguancun Science and technology Park (Z-Park), and is a hi-tech enterprise composed of scientific research, development and production. It mainly carries out research and development of new equipment and new techniques in the field of electrical machining (including EDM machining, ultrasonic machining, laser cutting, ion beam machining, electron bean machining, and plasma machining etc). After more than 10 years of efforts, it has developed into a modern hi-tech enterprise with a scientific research building of 14,000 square meters, a production base of 20,000 square meters and has enjoyed fame in the fields of special materials machining, precision digital-control electrical machine tools and precision models manufacturing etc.

        The Institute follows the development strategy of keeping pace with the “giants” and lays stress on the cooperation with internationally famous companies. The products it has developed can not only meet with the requirement of the market but also enjoy internationally advanced level. By using the EDM machining technique for super-hard materials of the Institute, which has won the second-rate National Technical Invention Award, and through cooperation with famous PCD raw material manufactures overseas, significant achievements have been made in precision machining technique. The super-hard materials machining technique with its complete sets of equipment have been developed, which makes the machining of super-hard materials extremely easy, like that of diamond drawing die, tools, polycrystalline diamond compact and drill heads in petroleum and geological work. To promote the development of high precision and tiny spares machining of the precision model industry in China, the Institute cooperated with the worldly-renowned electrical machining tools manufacture, SODICK, and developed precision digital-control EDM machine tool, which is the most advanced in China and represents the advanced level in EDM machines in the world with its excellent machining property, fertile machining techniques and extreme convenience in operation. The precision model machining center is equipped with precision machining facilities and testing equipment developed by Switzerland, Japan and the Institute itself. It has solved lot of difficult problems of models and spare parts machining in the fields of the national defense, aeronautics and information technology. The development of precision pinhole PCD drawing die has laid a foundation for the localized production of IC lead frame drawing die.
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