• Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources
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  •     Originally built in 1977, Beijing Municipal Computing Center is the one and only multi-discipline and comprehensive application technology institute researches nutritional resources in China. Through the use of high techniques like bio-engineering and chemical engineering, the Institute makes research in the fields of animal nutriology and human diet nutrition and have developed various products like health food, nutrients, new food and drinks, food addictives as well as new feed addictives, premix, aquatic animal medicine and cosmetics addictives etc. What’s more, the Institute also employs advanced equipment analysis techniques and laboratorial animal analysis techniques to assess the security and nutritional value of various foods, nutrients, feeds and their original materials. A R&D base to study the various nutritional resources needed by humans and animals has been basically established.

          In December 2000, the Institute changed to an enterprise owned by the whole people, with a registered capital of 10.27 million Yuan, 8 subordinate invested or controlled companies whose registered capital reached 26 million Yuan altogether. 

         The Institute is now a comprehensive enterprise with three service fields (feeds, foods and cosmetics), 11 product series (new feed addictives, premix, aquatic animal medicine and cosmetics addictives, health food, nutrients, new food and drinks, food addictives, water purification agents, testing reagent-box and pet products) and several hundreds of product types. It also possesses two service supporting systems, a magazine office of feed research and an analysis and testing center of nutritional resources.

         The Institute of Nutritional Resources now has a working staff of over 300 people, among whom more than 120 have titles of middle ranks or high ranks. The total occupation area of the Institute is one hectare and the building area is 10 thousand square meters with two laboratory and production buildings. Since its establishment, the Institute has now fulfilled more than 100 scientific and technological programs of the state level and the ministry level, among which 14 have won scientific and technological achievement awards, 14 have obtained national invention patents and over 500 have made scientific and technological achievements transfers. More than 20 programs from the Institute have realized their industrialization in its subordinate companies, making the total sales revenue of 600 million Yuan.
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