• Beijing Laboratorial Animals Research Center
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  •      Established in 1981, Beijing Laboratorial Animals Research Center was one of the four national research centers of laboratorial animal under the advocating of the former National Science Council.

         For more than 20 years, for the purpose of providing high-level and high-quality laboratorial animals and model animals, Beijing Laboratorial Animals Research Center has cooperated with Charles River Laboratories of America, and introduced 23 series of SPF/VAF rodent laboratorial animal into China, including the commonly-used rat, mouse, field mouse and guinea pigs. Other international cooperation achievements are: twice successful program cooperation with Australian government, production of SPF eggs with France companies, introduction of Beagle from America—extensively used in the field of medicine research and development internationally.

         Beijing Laboratorial Animals Research Center has also made cooperation with Life and Science Institute of Peking University in building joint laboratory and has made joint study of diseased animal models and development of related products. They have built a scaled breeding center of storing, researching and serving of trans-genetic and gene-eliminating animal models, realizing the combination of production, learning and research.   

         Beijing Laboratorial Animals Research Center has brought in feed  production line and advanced software of feed formulas from abroad. It has built a laboratory of ingredients analysis. With a yearly production of 5000 tons, it can produce various degrees of laboratorial animal feeds pet feeds and special laboratorial animal feeds.

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