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         Beijing Institute of Solar Energy was founded in 1979, and with arduous discovery and efforts of research personnel, scientific achievements like “lead sulphide/bituminous selective absorption coating”, “black chromium selective absorption coating”, “heat-rolled plate solar heater” and “zinc-coated flat solar steel heater” have all passed the appraisal of Science and Technology Commission of Beijing Municipality and have won Scientific and Technological Progress Awards. These achievements have attracted lots of attention from related national departments as well as from people of the same trade abroad. 

         In May 1986, the Institute brought from Canada “copper-aluminum compound sun bars” production line, which filled a blank of the solar energy industry in China and hence greatly improved the production efficiency and quality of solar water heater. The “Sangpu” brand copper-aluminum plate solar heaters and double circuits plat solar heaters that are exported to Europe are the knockout products of the Institute.

         Cooperated with Benz Corporation of Germany, the heat-pipe vacuum tube solar collector has been developed that is of internationally advanced level. Compared with plate collector and glass vacuum tube, the new product has the advantage of faster heat transfer speed (10 thousand times of that by copper), excelled freeze-proof capacities (keeping intact under the temperature of minus 800C of the South Pole) and higher reliability, which can be widely used in solar water heating, solar heating, solar air-conditioner, solar asphalt melting, desalinizing sea water and solar industrial heating etc.
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