• Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection
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  •   Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection was established in 1956 and is   one of the first research institutes in China to carry out scientific research on security and environment. The institute has built many research institutes of professional techniques and test centers in the following three fields: urban security hygiene, work safety and labor protection and human living environment, which have laid solid foundation for a basic, applied and foresighted research. In the latest 50 years, it has achieved more than 500 scientific and technological results and won more than 200 awards for scientific and technological achievements and progress. It has stipulated more than 100 standards in labor protection and environment protection.

       For the recent 10 years, Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection has been devoting actively to urban security technologies and has set up a series of key laboratories, like Beijing Technique Control Center of Flammable, Explosive, Toxic and Hazard sources, Beijing Dangerous Chemical Emergency Technology Center, Beijing Environment Noise and Vibration Control Technology Center, Beijing Indoor Environment Supervision and Testing Center.

       For nearly 10 years, the Institute has been engaged actively in urban public security in China and has built a series of key laboratories like the above mentioned. It has done a lot of research in the fields of assessment of flammable, explosive, toxic and hazard chemicals, supervision technology of major dangerous sources, recognition of dangerous sources, quantitative and half-quantitative security assessment technique, recognition of dangerous sources in public places and computer emulation technology of people evacuation, research of emergency rescue technique and development of related products, evaluation technique of profession exposure in dangerous working fields and environment. It has undertaken lots of programs in tackling key problems, such as the specialized program of Technology Olympics—management of chemical related emergency and decision-making information supporting system research, people evacuation emulation and plan against emergency in large venues of key scientific and technological programs, urban subway safety and computer emulation research. Part of these programs have achieved results and have been applied in practice.      

       Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection has established long-term close cooperation with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, Greenwich University and Hong Kong University of Since and technology.

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