• Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center
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    Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center was founded in 1985, lying in the center of the royal hunting parks of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the closest natural reserve to Beijing centered on Milu deer and its wetland ecology. In 1985, Milu deer returned to its hometown China, after having been distinct for near 100 years. Hainanzi Milu Park, as the place where Milu deer science was discovered (1865), was once distinct (1900) and first returned (1985), it was approved as the first outdoor ecological museum in Beijing, namely Beijing Hainanzi Milu Museum. 

       Milu Park can serve the functions of animal protection, bio-diversity study, science popularization education and ecological tourism. By using the combined ways of mobile protection and field protection, the Center has recovered Milu garden species and established the world-wide earliest, self-sustainable natural wild species in Shishou, Hubei consecutively, hence realizing the main objective of bringing in Milu deer successfully. It has carried out basic biological research of Milu deer with the Institute of Animals of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China medical University, Beijing Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis etc. Meanwhile, it has also carried out bio-diversity research and wild animal protection programs in Qomolangma Nature Reserve with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research of America and Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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