• Beijing Exchange Center of Science and Technology
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  • Founded in 1986, upon the approval of Beijing municipal People's Government and Beijing Municipal Organization Committee, Beijing Exchange Center of Science and Technology(BECST) is a legally independent organization affiliated to Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. It aims to carry out international communication and collaboration, promote interactions between the research cultural and industrial communities in Beijing and their counterparts in China and the world, serve the socio-economic development of Beijing and the whole country, and enhance the friendship between Beijing and regions and countries around the world.

    With the great support of superior units, BECST has successfully established a tight network with government offices, universities, research institutes, enterprises and public institutions in China and the world, launched various influential events accumulated abundant resources and experiences, and provided effective services for many institutions with respect to international S&T collaboration and exchange. As one of the significant stakeholders in international S&T collaboration and exchange in Beijing, BECST continues to contribute to Beijing s construction of the national center for S&T innovation and international exchange.

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