• Eulogizing Tech Giants and Feeling the Charm of Innovation - The Science Night of "Stargazers" Activity is Held
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  • During the 2020 National Science Week of China, on August 25, China Science and Technology Exchange Center, the Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and BJAST hold the activity of Science Night of "Stargazers" in Beijing Planetarium. Leaders such as Deputy Director Lyu Jing of the General Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology and BJAST’s Party Secretary Fang Li are present and watch the performances.

    In the Activity Hall of Building B, scientific and technical workers and foreign experts are invited to attend the story-telling session, and several activities are held at the same time. In the Western Exhibition Hall of Building A, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the National Science Week of China, co-organized by China Science and Technology Exchange Center and BJAST’s Beijing International Science and Technology Service Center Co., Ltd., supported by Beijing Planetarium, as a major demonstration event of the National Science Week of China, the “Belt and Road” Science Week are held. In the square, greeters dressed in astronauts take photos with the audience. In the Exhibition Hall of “Science around Us”, subordinate units such as Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center provide exhibits. In the “Future Engineer” Training Camp, the audience assemble, debug and control the creative F1 (Formula) racing car on the spot. The “Inventions around Us” Exhibition Area organized by Beijing Association of Inventions also attracts the attention of the audience. In the Cosmos Theater of Hall A, the senior astronomical science expert and Deputy Curator Dr. Qi Rui of Beijing Planetarium give a special popular science report entitled “The Starry Night Show by Curator”. In the Public Observatory, visitors observe the beautiful starry sky under the guidance of astronomical science workers, and the rich scientific activities light up the autumn night in Beijing.

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